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Jump And Break Statement in PHP

Jump and Break Statements

Jump And Break Statement in PHP   The jump statements control the execution of the loop statements. PHP provides the following jump statements: > Break Statement > Continue statement > exit statement Break Statements: The break statements stop the execution of the loop. The control is then passed either to …

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Do-While Loop in PHP

Do-While Loop

Do-While Loop in PHP   In a while loop, the condition is evaluated at the beginning of the loop. if the condition is false, the statement in the loop body are not executed at all.if we want to execute the loop body at least once, we must use the do-while loop. …

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Exit Statement in PHP

Exit Statement

Exit Statement in PHP   The exit statement ends the loop and the control is passed to the statement following the loop body. For example, to calculate the HRA. <?php $salary=8000; if($salary<6000) { echo “Basic : $salary <BR><BR>”; echo “Employee having salary below 6000 are not entitled to receive HRA.”; …

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Flow control in PHP

flow control

Flow control in PHP   The loop statements control the flow of the statement execution. A loop executes a block of code repetitively. PHP provides us with the loop statements such as while loop, do-while, and for loop. The jump statement control the execution of the loop. The different types …

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Continue Statement in PHP

Continue Statement

Continue Statement in PHP   The continue statement is used with the loop statements. it skips the code following the continue statement. in the loop body and forcibly executes the next iteration of the loop. This statement is normally used in the nested loops. The continue statement can be used with …

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For Loop in PHP

for loop

For Loop in PHP   A for loop enables us to execute a block of code repetitively for a fixed number of times. The loop executing statements keeps executing untill the testing condition gets satisfied. Once the condition gets satisfied the loop stops executing. The syntax for the loop is: for …

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While Loop in PHP

while loop

While Loop in PHP   A While loop exxecutes the statements in the loop body as long as the condition is true: The syntax for a while loop is: while(condition) { code executes if the conditon is true; } code executes if the condition is false; The while keyword is …

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Conditional Statements In PHP

Conditional Statement

Conditional Statements   INTRODUCTION: In a programming laungauge, flow refers to the order in which the statements in a program execute. in a program. the statements execute in a sequence, from the first to the last statement. We can use conditional statements to change the order of flow in a …

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PHP Operators

PHP Operators

PHP Operators   ALL programming languages use operators. Operators are pre-defind symbols that allow performing specific actions. An expression contains Operators and Operands. The operators are assigned precedence values. This precedence value indicates the order in which the operators are evaluated in an expression. In this session, we will learn abot …

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String Operators In PHP

String Operators

String Operators   The string operator operate on character data. PHP provide us with the string operators: Two Examples With name and Discription: 1. . Concatenation: Returns a concatented String.2. .= Cencatenating Assignment: Appends the argument on the right side to the variable.some of the examples of the string operators …

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